Guide to Boipeba: Things To Do |

Guide to Boipeba: Things To Do

In general, things can be organised/changed at very short notice on the island, so activities can be very flexible.

Options include

* Relaxing around the pool and gardens at your pousada.

* Relaxing, swimming, surfing/bodyboarding, etc. on a variety of all-beautiful beaches with warm, clear waters. Some are better for shallow-water swimming/paddling; some better for surf; some more shady; some more lively; some practically deserted.

* Riding horses along beaches or through the interior of the island.

* Taking a boat trip out to the natural pools offshore at low tide, when enclosed pools are formed in the coral and sandbanks. Timing depends on the tides of course.

* Hiring canoes or kayaks for a gentle paddle or more of an expedition around the south and west of the island.

* Hiring a boat (with oarsmen) to explore the mangroves and rivers of the island in silence.

* Walking: there’s a good variety of walks to be chosen on the island: from beach strolls to hikes across the island to remote beaches and forests. It’s hard to get lost; the biggest hill is only about 50m high (though it is steep); your surroundings vary from postcard-pretty tropical beaches to Cape fynbos-like scrubland to shady mixed woods and mangrove rivers. See our description of a good lunch-earning walk here.

* You can even walk almost everywhere barefoot since the paths (even the main track from Moreré to Velha Boipeba) are almost all sandy.

* Eating and/or drinking yourself silly. Not surprisingly the seafood and fish (peixe pr. pEH-shay) and fruit (fresh and as juice) are highlights. Beer is served very cold, which is very welcome after a long walk.