Guide to Boipeba: Map |

Guide to Boipeba: Map

This map of Boipeba shows the basic geography of the Island.

The airstrip (from where the air taxi operates) is just over the river on the larger island of Tinharé to the north.

The main concentration of pousadas and restaurants is around Velha Boipeba and Boca da Barra at the northern end of the island.

The beaches of Moreré and Bainema (Praia do Moreré and Praia do Bainema) are well worth a visit. The walk around the coast from Boca da Barra is very beautiful, and gives a flavour of the interior of the island as well as it’s pristine coast.

Praia de Boca da Barra is a very pleasant beach, and very accessible to most pousadas, but does receive the bulk of the day trippers who arrive by boat for a little escape from Tinharé. A short walk around the headland to Praia de Tassimrim will reward you with some pretty and quiet beaches.